in our communities.

Ataraxia is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing adequate digital resources to promote neurodiversity within our communities, while striving to create a tangible material effect.

Our projects include the development of mental health kits, classes highlighting the neuroscience behind certain conditions, our own podcast revolving around neurodiversity, and webinars hosting professors, neurologists, and neurosurgeons.

A few kits that were delivered to a homeless shelter

A few kits that were delivered to a homeless shelter

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About Us


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Definitionally, ataraxia is defined as a state of serene calmness. With countless challenges and difficulties – especially during COVID-19 – it is essential to understand that different people are experiencing different feelings and times. Our long-term goal is to create an environment, a community, that is cognizant of the situation of others – as well as up-to-date on the science behind conditions – in order to effectively achieve ataraxia within our community.

Mission Statement

Ataraxia Logo

Ataraxia is currently dedicated to providing resources in underprivileged populations and communities. Neurodiversity has been proven to have links to racial and socioeconomic trends. Our mission is to provide adequate resources to these populations, such as: the homeless population. We teach fruitful stress management techniques, so people can be in a better mental state to be more productive and deal with challenges effectively.

Our Team

Image of Shehbaz Singh Virk

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Junior @ University of California, Berkeley

Image of Saurish Srivastava

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Junior @ Evergreen Valley High School (San Jose, CA)

Image of Shaheryar Asad

Director of External Research

Junior @ University of California, Berkeley

Image of Leah Altamirano

Director of Outreach

Junior @ Eagle Rock High School (Los Angeles, CA)

Image of Becky Montes

Director of Public Relations

Junior @ John Marshall High School (Los Angeles, CA)

Image of Jehan Idsassi

Director of Research

Sophomore @ Eleanor Roosevelt High School (Greenbelt, MD)

Image of Navneeth Murali

Navneeth Murali

Director of Neuroscience Education

Sophomore @ Middlesex County Academy (Woodbridge, NJ)

Image of Varun Bommaji


Junior @ Evergreen Valley High School (San Jose, CA)

Image of Maha Idsassi

Maha Idsassi

Director of Podcast Research

Senior @ Eleanor Roosevelt High School (Greenbelt, MD)

Our Advisors

Image of Rushil Srivastava

Co-Founder at Simplify; University of California, Berkeley

Find some of the most informative and impactful resources.

We're introducing a new method for connection and relationality within the community by focusing on topics that matter – like your mental health.

Neurodiversity Wiki landing page

  • Tool: This is a wiki that provides resources to understand different neurotypical identities. It is written by people who experience these conditions and provides a first-perspective look at what not to do.

Neurodiversity Hub landing page

  • Made for Students: "The intent is to provide programs to support neurodivergent students to become work-ready, and build connections with organisations that value their talents."

Neurodiversity Network landing page

  • Direct Resources: "The purpose of Neurodiversity Network is to provide resources for neurodivergent job seekers and neurodivergent students, employers & universities, & the support of the neurodiverse community. Our mission is to consolidate various neurodiversity resources into one place."

Pivotdiversity Neurodiversity landing page

  • Informational: The website contains some definitions of common terms associated with neurodiversity. It answers some crucial questions through a beautiful graphic. It also highlights some members of the neurodiverse community. This is a powerful website!

Take a look at our past drops.

We were hard at work during COVID-19, creating mental health kits & hygiene kits to deliver to the homeless population. Stay tuned to learn more about our drops and how you can help out!

An image of the contents of our kits

Completed Kit: This is a completed look at the mental health kits that we created and delivered during COVID-19.

An image of the contents of our kits

Our contents: This image displays the content of the kit and the pamphlet that Ataraxia created.

Our impact in numbers.

We've been at work in the community, targetting racial discrimination and attempting to relieve the mental health crisis in underserved communities.


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